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We are urgently looking for properties in the Gloucester area to rent on a long-term basis or purchase.

Stylish Bedrooms

Cosy Communal Areas

Fully Equipped Kitchens

About Us

Providing high-end communal living to students and professionals is our passion. Providing stress free, long term agreements to landlords is our promise.

Home away from home

Our high end co-living properties offer the comfort of a home, with stylish yet functional bedrooms and cosy, comfortable living spaces. 


We always look to place like minded people in each property, creating friendly homes with a great community feel.


With homes that are conveniently located in city centres close to local amenities, our tenants get to enjoy these perks at affordable prices.

Our Properties

Terraced House

City House

Avenue House

Town House

How Can We Help?

Due to increasing demands we are always looking for more properties so if you are a landlord looking to sell or rent your property, adda lets can find the perfect solution for you.

  • We would like to rent or buy your property!
  • We look to serve landlords and clients by giving them a better return on your investment while managing, renting or buying your property.
  • We ensure the property is kept in hotel standard condition during our agreement – no more worrying about your property being maintained!
  • We can guarantee market rental value for up to 5 years meaning no void months of rent during this time.

    If you are considering selling, we can look to agree a purchase option (often full market value) and discuss this option during a free confidential chat with us.

What Are The Benefits?

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1. We become your tenant

Our company becomes your tenant under a company lease agreement giving you guaranteed rent, month in and month out, for longer lease periods.

2. We manage the property on your behalf

We manage the property completely - finding tenants, screening tenants, handling payments, dealing with all requests and concerns.

3. We maintain your property

We will maintain your property to the highest levels at all times, ensuring all maintenance and cleaning is to 5* standards.

Why You Should Consider Us

Do you struggle with...

When you decided to rent your property, we bet you never bargained for all the hassle that came with it.

Our mission is to provide landlords with a ‘set and forget’ service. Set the property up and leave it to us to take care of EVERYTHING – all you have to do is check your bank each month.

Let Us Handle It All

Verified Tenants

We have been both landlords and agents for a long time and therefore really understand the importance of selecting the best quality tenants for the property. All of our tenants are thoroughly vetted prior to moving in.

Property Review

Our dedicated partnerships team will review your property’s condition, location, accessibility, and zoning laws. Once we have established the financial viability of your property, we’ll talk contracts and find one that suits your needs.

We Deal With All The Tenants​

No more losing sleep over another midnight call from your tenant. Our customer service experts handle all of the setup, daily operations, and guest communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

We select the best quality tenants for the property, whether they are working professionals or students. All of our tenants are thoroughly vetted prior to moving in.

Like any tenant things can get damaged, however unlike a regular tenant, we repair and maintain the property whenever an issue occurs. Our tenants have to provide ID, sign terms and conditions and we take a security deposit at the beginning of the tenancy.

We are fully insured with legal indemnity, contents and public liability insurance if the worst should happen.

Overall, the property has to stay in hotel standard condition or we could not operate as a business so you can rest assured the property will be looked after – that’s what makes us the perfect tenants as your needs and ours are aligned!

Contact us now – we get back to everyone and there are no silly questions – we are happy to answer anything and show you our systems. An analysis of your property takes only a few days.

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